Our Artists

Woodrow Nash

"The human shell, outward appearance, or the external form merely distinguishes us from others. Deep inside each of us exists the moral fiber of who we really are. Nash's visual representations of the body work metaphorically and methodically to explore the masculine and feminine form - these works reveal the essential 'spirit' of man." -- Woodrow Nash

Heather Moss

Known for her trinity signature symbol, Heather Moss, stands on her spiritual convictions and reverence through her art.  Moss never signs the front of her pieces as a sign of reverencing the Holy Trinity as the source of all her creativity.  Always shying away from media and photos, she diverts all attention to her art and never herself.

Alfred Addo

Alfred was born in the West African country of Ghana in 1975 into a family of Artists. This self-taught art talent runs through the family. To Alfred, the scope of art comes so natural and therefore never seemed challenging enough. Alfred attended Accra Academy, one of the prominent high schools in Ghana and focused on physical sciences as his career path. The sciences seemed more challenging to him. Since 1997, Alfred had specialized in Sculpture as the core of his...

Phyllis Stephens

Phyllis Stephens is an award-winning fifth generation quilt maker, considered by critics to be a Master of African-American Story Quilts.  Simply stated, her quilts are inspirational.  She has quilted professionally for more than thirty years. Her works have been displayed in the most prestigious museums and galleries in the world such as...

Willie Earl Robinson

“Gifted and endowed by God, coupled with hard work, brought me to where I am as an artist.  Art illuminates my world.  My artistic vision is to create images that reveal the beauty within and beyond myself.  What I feel, see, and hear, somehow come together in a multidimensional way.  I love the creative ability that God has...

Mark Richardson

Mark Richardson, born January 14, 1962 was raised in Chicago’s historic Bronzeville neighborhood. It was apparent at an early age Mark was to become a great artist. While attending John B. Drake Elementary School he entered an amateur art contest advertised in a widely circulated magazine...

Rene Dickerson

"His most overtly political work is a series called "Colored People," started in 1992 and ongoing, which conveys a message of racial unity. A line of identically shaped faces -- featuring Dickerson's signature round faces and hooded, almond- shaped eyes -- are molded out of the top of different hued crayons. Dickerson says...

Terry & Jerry "Twin" Lynn

"One of the best-known “artists” in Memphis is Twin, actually a longtime collaboration between brothers Terry and Jerry Lynn. For years, this team has produced paintings that chronicle a sort of rural Never Never Land centered on the African-American experience on farms, in fields and at church. I have commented before on...


Salvador González Escalona (b. Camaguey, Cuba, 1948) is a world-renowned, self-taught muralist, painter, sculptor and interpreter of Cuban popular culture. Since the early 1990s his work has been exhibited internationally. Salvador is best known for his public art encompassing an array of mixed media in the Callejón de Hamel, located in...

Charly Palmer

Charly Palmer was born in 1960 in Fayette, AL and raised in Milwaukee, WI. A successful graphic designer and illustrator with his own design studio and Fortune 500 clientele, Palmer devotes much of his life to pursuing his fine art dreams and is well on his way to establishing himself as...


A seasoned professional artist who skillfully uses a combination of vivid color,various textures,found objects or old albums as a method of creating his masterfully ecelectic works. His works explore his dynamic curiosities, addressing everything from fragments of nature to...

Leroy Campbell

“Art is medicine. It is therapy. For me, my art literally saved my spirit life, and made me find my place in life. I am in Turkey right now because of my art,' Campbell commented. 'Art allows you to get access to your potential, and you need to know that you have potential." --Embassy of the United States Ankara Turkey

Selma Glass

"Selma's art work not only embodies the subject matter on which she endeavors, but expressively and more so instinctively it always transcends a glimpse into Selma's spirit and soul." -- Howard Krinksky, Art Partners LLC - Binders Art Supplies & Frames; Rarity Class Fine Art by Selma Glass

William Tolliver

 "William Tolliver is truly a rags-to-riches story.  Reared in abject poverty he had none of the advantages most people take for granted.  Lacking both education and art supplies, with little encouragement from his environment, the gifted Tolliver had to make do with what he could teach himself from books at the public library.  Now a veritable master of all media, William Tolliver's successful career bears witness to the fact talent can -and will- triumph over the worst of odds." -- Art Gallery International


Lee White

Lee's format training began in California where he studied at the California College of Commercial Design, the City College of Los Angeles. He received a fine art degree from the California Institute of Arts. During the seventies and eighties, serigraphy became a strong medium for...

Rosa Gallardo

Even as a young girl living in central Mexico, Rosa Gallardo showed a keen interest in creating artwork, often spending time drawing and painting while her friends were busy playing outside. At her grade school, friends would pay her to draw pictures of one of their Disney favorites, Tinkerbell. After high school she became a...

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