Rosa Gallardo

Even as a young girl living in central Mexico, Rosa Gallardo showed a keen interest in creating artwork, often spending time drawing and painting while her friends were busy playing outside. At her grade school, friends would pay her to draw pictures of one of their Disney favorites, Tinkerbell. After high school she became a student/intern for more than 15 years in the Mexican Catholic monastery of the Clarissas, a long learning experience working full time in their art studio, focusing primarily on portraits in oil and art restorations.

Shortly after leaving the monastery she spent time with mentally & physically handicapped children teaching them to draw and paint. Since that time most of her work has been oil portrait painting and restoration of religious statues. In the late 90’s she moved to Chicago, where she extended her professional career doing murals for peoples’ living rooms & bedrooms and also in restaurants and various churches around the city.

She was recently married and moved to Memphis where she began exploring mixed media, doing intensely colorful abstracts, some of which have incorporated portraits of famous icons of the music world. All her works are one of kind creations and have been exhibited in art shows in New York, Dallas & Miami. She loves a challenge and would always be interested in creating your special work of art, be it a portrait, abstract, or mural to place in your home or business. She would like to personally thank everyone who has believed in and supported her artwork through the years. 


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